Date last seen: 03/30/2017 Location last seen: fm1565Name: JellybeanSex: MaleDescription: Black cat with random gray hairs throughout. Owner Information: Natalie Richter(214) 846-1006Click for Email

Orange Tabby Cat

Date last seen: 03/10/2017 Location last seen: Clubview Dr. – The Shores – RockwallName: PumpkinSex: MaleDescription: Orange Tabby, circular pattern on his sides. White underneath. No front claws. Owner Information:…


Date last seen: 03/17/2017 Location last seen: Forney, txName: EsmeSex: FemaleDescription: tan with white chest, black snout. weighs approx. 4lbs Owner Information: Celia Cruz(480) 209-6838Click for Email


Date last seen: 03/08/2017 Location last seen: Blackland rdName: BoboSex: MaleDescription: White with little black spots, kinda pink cause his skin is sensitive. Owner Information: Marvin Lazalde(972) 533-7996Click for Email


Date last seen: 03/03/2017 Location last seen: S. Lakeshore Dr. in RockwallName: Big BoySex: MaleDescription: He is a orange and white tabby. Male/altered. Clipped ear. Approx 4 years old and…