Toy poodle

Date last seen: 06/30/2017 Location last seen: 5414 vagas driveName: OliverSex: MaleDescription: He has a healed mark under his chin Owner Information: Olympia Karari(469) 231-4366Click for Email


Date last seen: 05/16/2017 Location last seen: Highlands of Heath neighborhoodName: KittySex: MaleDescription: White cat with grey markings and blue eyes Owner Information: Dana Dean(720) 442-2316Click for Email


Date last seen: 05/13/2017 Location last seen: Mulberr y LnName: MaggieSex: FemaleDescription: Black Lab/ Boxer mix with white patch on chest. Owner Information: Mark Tarvis(817) 800-9445Click for Email


Date last seen: 05/10/2017 Location last seen: Lochspring drive, RockwallName: ChicoSex: MaleDescription: Reddish brown Chihuahua. 13 years old with gray around muzzle. Very sweet and small. Under 10 lbs. He’s…

Cat/ unknown

Date last seen: 05/08/2017 Location last seen: shores, rockwallName: BabySex: FemaleDescription: barn cat, on the small side, very sweet Owner Information: matthew hageny(703) 300-0179Click for Email