Black/Tan/White Puppy

Date found: 05/19/2019

Location found: Tubbs rd
Sex: Male

Black body. White paws on front. Brown on back paws. Looks like a German Shepard mix or rotweiler mix. Very young could be less then 6 weeks old. Found on tubbs near sequoia street

Found By:

Melissa Fendley
(214) 597-3696
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Chorkie (Yorkie/Chihuahua mix)

Date found: 05/01/2019 Location found: Meadowcreek Estates (@Lochspring)Sex: FemaleDescription: Very small female chorkie (~5lbs), no collar or tags, black and red/tan markings, medium length hair. Clean, medium length coat, nails are not trimmed, no visible fleas or ticks, clear eyes, wet nose and no apparent injuries. Sweet and friendly, skittish initially, good car rider, not…