Min Pin

<img src="“> Date found: 11/02/2020 Location found: High Point Lake EstatesSex: FemaleDescription: Injured back leg but looks like she’s been taken care of. Very shiny black coat. Just had puppies but can’t find them. Found By: Joann Campling(469) 855-3588Click for Email


<img src="“> Date found: 10/30/2020 Location found: Backyard 914 Honey Locust driveSex: Description: Smokey color cat, declawed front paws , has a black streak going down from head to tail Found By: Kelly Sardon(214) 998-1783Click for Email


<img src="“> Date found: 10/25/2020 Location found: Windham Drive, RockwallSex: FemaleDescription: It is a kitten. Very friendly. Looks like she might have gotten in a fight with an animal. Found By: Tanya Walshin(925) 639-3932Click for Email

Shep Mix

<img src="“> Date found: 10/19/2020 Location found: I-30 in RockwallSex: FemaleDescription: Wearing a pink collar, short red hair, white pack on back of her neck, white tips on legs. Approx 25lbs. Young (approx 1 year old) Found By: Eric Way(972) 207-9397Click for Email