Great Pyrenees

Date found: 01/22/2019 Location found: 205 and Kingsbridge in Rockwall CountySex: MaleDescription: Neutered male Great Pyrenees, approx. 5-6 years old and 100+lbs. No collar or microchip. Declaws have been removed and he has been recently shaved. I am wearing a bandanna(assuming from being groomed). Please contact if you recognize him. Found By: Ty Martinez(303) 709-9081Click…


Date found: 01/03/2019

Location found: Shepherds Glen

Black and white tuxedo cat. Very skiddish, but appears to be an indoor cat.
Can’t tell if it’s a boy or girl – won’t let me get close, but appears to be a sweet little kitty that is lost.

Found By:

Lindsey Spraggins
(214) 709-8250
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