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Date found: 10/29/2014

Location found: The Shores, Rockwall, Tx(Shoal Creek Ln)
Sex: Female
Description: Sweet, older dog with purple dog collar with white dog bones. No name tag. Possible Corgi mix. Black spot on head. Has beige spots on legs and black spots on body.

Found By:

Paula Morgenthaler
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Chihuahua mix

Date found: 10/21/2014 Location found: McClendon Chisholm Fire Station 2 on 548Name: ??Sex: FemaleDescription: Female, gold colored, approximately 8-10 pounds with pink nose and brown eyes. She was not wearing a collar. This is the same dog mentioned in Blog & Pet Reports under “Chihuahua mix” dated October 22, 2014. Found By: Todd & Brenda…