Orange house cat

Date last seen: 11/06/2019 Location last seen: 2991 Fallbrook dr Rockwall TX 75032Name: OliverSex: MaleDescription: Fat Orange and white striped cat. Chirps like a bird instead of meow. Owner Information: Senada Zmukic(214) 886-4709Click for Email

Mcnabb sheep dog with pointy ears

Date last seen: 11/06/2019 Location last seen: 2585 Rolling Meadows Dr.Name: GrimSex: MaleDescription: He has dark brindle coloring on his back and a white chest and belly. He also has white socks with light brown spots on his paws. Pointy ears and is very skiddish and fast. Owner Information: Miranda Evans(214) 668-9779Click for Email

Cat – Maine Coon

Date last seen: 11/05/2019 Location last seen: Eganridge Lane Rockwall, TXName: LotusSex: MaleDescription: 15-20 lbs. Long hair. Gray/White/Brown. Very skiddish but friendly. Owner Information: Sheryl Acevedo(469) 323-8019Click for Email


Date found: 11/04/2019 Location found: Quail Run neighborhood behind North KrogerSex: FemaleDescription: Older female pug found around 9:30pm. She has no collar. Found By: Kenza Scott(817) 682-2550Click for Email


Date last seen: 11/04/2019 Location last seen: Marty Circle Name: Bobby Sex: Male Description: Bobby is an unaltered male, approx. 1 year old and weighs approx. 8 Lbs. He was wearing a blue collar when he went missing. Owner Information: Lupita Costelo (214) 840-9308 Click for Email