Ragdoll Siamese Lynx Point

Date last seen: 06/30/2019 Location last seen: Paint Brush Trail, Rockwall, Texas 75032Name: GracieSex: FemaleDescription: Ragdoll lynx point siamese. Gracie hasong hair and fluffy tail. She is about 2 years old, spayed and microchipped. She has a white body and gray feet, legs, face, ears, and tail. Owner Information: Karen Jennings(972) 358-0298Click for Email


Date last seen: 06/30/2019 Location last seen: 421 Briar Glen Rockwall, Texas 75032Name: FoxySex: FemaleDescription: Foxy is about 10-12 years old with a tan and white coat which is not fully grown in. She has a cataract in her eye. Very sweet. Owner Information: Jesse Bennett(972) 978-6086Click for Email


Date last seen: 07/04/2019 Location last seen: 144 Woodcreek Dr. 75032Name: ObiSex: MaleDescription: Black lab with small ears, Blue collar with a small scab on right shoulder. 90lbs Owner Information: Clinton Myrick(972) 464-7303Click for Email


Date found: 07/03/2019 Location found: Dogwood Lane, Caruth LakesSex: FemaleDescription: White and brindle tabby female bob tail cat. Chubby and sweet. Has a recent bite wound and needs medical attention. Found By: Kasey Patton(903) 413-4544Click for Email


Date last seen: 07/03/2019 Location last seen: Dalrock and 66Name: AlpoSex: MaleDescription: Long blonde, black and grey hair. Owner Information: Tammy Hill(469) 236-2111Click for Email


Date last seen: 06/29/2019 Location last seen: Highland Meadows, Paint Brush Trail, Rockwall, Tx 75032Name: GracieSex: FemaleDescription: Gracie is about 2 years old. She is strictly indoors so is very shy with strangers. She has blue eyes, long hair with grey face, ears, feet, and tail. She is a lynx point ragdoll. She has microchip…

Great Pyrenees

Date last seen: 06/30/2019 Location last seen: 11777 c r 483 lavon txName: HATTIESex: FemaleDescription: 15 month old. Freshly groomed. Bright red collar with black perimeter box Missing pigmentation around left eye Owner Information: Bob Brewer(214) 435-4384Click for Email

Mix Breed

Date last seen: 06/29/2019 Location last seen: 276 and 550 by Blackland Water TowerName: COOKIESex: FemaleDescription: Red, short hair with white belly and paws. Medium size, about 30lbs. with pink camo collar. Owner Information: Tiffany Kheao(214) 715-1823Click for Email