Date last seen: 06/19/2019

Location last seen: Travis Ranch–Forney
Name: Khloe
Sex: Female

3 year old female, spayed, chocolate brown with white on her chest, around 5-7 lbs, green/hazel eyes. REWARD IF FOUND SAFELY; Kids are heartbroken

Owner Information:

Kayla Kitchen
(214) 334-7704
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Date last seen: 06/18/2019

Location last seen: Raven Circle Heath (Falcon Point Subdivision)
Name: Sunny
Sex: Male

Red/brown dachshund. He doesn’t have a collar on. He is friendly but probably scared.

Owner Information:

Robyn LeMaistre
(601) 613-9839
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6lb poodle

Date last seen: 06/18/2019 Location last seen: 412 McKinney St Farmersville tx 75442Name: Baby GirlSex: FemaleDescription: She is a 14 year old poodle about 6 lb she is silver black but when looking at her she looks Gray she has issues with her throat getting stuck she has a turquoise color with a bow with…


Date last seen: 06/15/2019

Location last seen: Winding Oak Court – Rockwall
Name: Titus
Sex: Male

Block with white and blue eyes, blue eyes, wearing a collar with tags, approx 45lbs and 9 mo

Owner Information:

Penny Tennell
(214) 918-7576
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Papillion Mix

Date last seen: 06/09/2019

Location last seen: Mclendon-Chisholm Sonoma Verde
Name: Cody
Sex: Male

Tan/White male, about 15 to 20 lbs, has a light blue orange collar. long hair. Last seen in Sonoma Verde community.

Owner Information:

Davis Le
(505) 459-1869
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Maine Coon

Date last seen: 06/07/2019

Location last seen: Morning Star in Caruth Lake neighborhood Rockwall
Name: MacGyver “Mac”
Sex: Male

Mac is a NM, around 18 months old. No chip. No collar. Please contact Sarah if found at

Owner Information:

Sarah Pieratt
(214) 458-6470
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Grey Striped Tabby Cat

Date last seen: 06/03/2019 Location last seen: Eganridge Lane and AshbourneName: MortySex: MaleDescription: Morty is a grey and black striped tabby with light blue eyes. He is very light in color. Last seen at about 1am on 6/3, at Eganridge and Ashbourne in the Shores. He is very friendly and responds to his name. Please…

Shepherd x

Date found: 06/03/2019 Location found: Storrs St RockwallSex: MaleDescription: Looks like a german shepherd, but is golden in color. No collar, unaltered male. No microchip. **Please note that this was posted by the shelter on behalf of the finder, if you need to call the finder, call the number listed. Do not email the email…