Date last seen: 03/11/2019 Location last seen: Shepherds Glen in HeathName: Jingle Bell (also goes by Dolly)Sex: FemaleDescription: Small white female schnauzer wearing pink collar. About a year and a half old. Very sweet and playful Owner Information: Sara Whittle(972) 743-6290Click for Email

Date last seen: 02/23/2019 Location last seen: Sunscape Way and Bay Valley Dr. in Garland near Roan and Rowlett RdName: Dee DeeSex: FemaleDescription: Small Short Haired Chihuahua (Looks kind of like a miniature reindeer) Color: Tan with White Gender: Female, Spayed Age: 6 years Weight: 3-4 pounds Detailed Description: Tan/White (She has a white bib…

Long haired/ Maine Coon

Date last seen: 03/10/2019 Location last seen: Tanya Dr Name: KK Sex: Female Description: KK is approx. 1.5 years old, is around 7-8 Lbs, she is not microchipped or spayed. KK is a stripped, tabby colored, Maine coon mix and has all of her claws. She was last seen wearing a pink collar. Owner Information:…

Chihuahua mix

Date last seen: 03/06/2019 Location last seen: High Point RanchName: ParisSex: FemaleDescription: Light Brown almost sand color, female, approx. 11-13 years and weighs around 5 Lb. No chip. No collar. Owner Information: Rosemary Salinas(214) 236-5560Click for Email

Terrier mix

Date last seen: 03/01/2019 Location last seen: Cullins Rd. Heath TxName: MaggieSex: FemaleDescription: Maggie is 16 years old, deaf, short haired terrier mix,solid white, spayed female, and weighs approx. 35 LBs. She is wearing a collar with her name tag on it. No microchip. Owner Information: Ed Kohorst(214) 766-4948Click for Email

Siberian husky

Date last seen: 12/29/2018 Location last seen: 75043Name: KenoSex: MaleDescription: Keno’s coat is gray, white, and tan. He has a pink line down his nose, and one of his eyes is half blue, half brown while the other is green/gray. Keno tends to howl or cry rather than bark. He knows basic commands and is…

Shih Tzu

Date last seen: 02/26/2019 Location last seen: Potter Ave. in the Shores, Rockwall Name: Molly Sex: Female Description: 4 years old, 12lbs, gray and white in color, recently groomed, spayed, was wearing a color when she went missing. Owner Information: Cheyenne Weable (972) 824-2614 Click for Email