Yellow Lab

Date last seen: 06/02/2018

Location last seen: Meadowview Court in Heath
Name: Champ
Sex: Male

Champ is an unaltered male,Yellow Lab, about 1.5 years old, and weighs roughly 90 Lbs. He is not microchipped but wearing a red collar without tags when he went missing.

Owner Information:

Heidi Davenport
(214) 533-7130
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White Calico

Date last seen: 05/27/2018 Location last seen: Smirl Dr. in Heath Tx Name: Callie Sex: Female Description: Callie is approx. 2 years old, spayed, and declawed on her front paws. She was not wearing a collar when she was last seen. No microchip. She is mostly white with orange and grey. Her eyes are yellowish…

Boston Terrier

Date last seen: 05/29/2018 Location last seen: 505 E Heath St, Rockwall TxName: LolaSex: FemaleDescription: Black and white Boston terrier with a white underside and black upper side, face is graying around the moth, weighs 15 pounds, 12 years old, purple collar. In the sun, she looks like she has brown fur. Owner Information: Jason…

DSH Blue

Date last seen: 05/26/2018

Location last seen: Smirl Dr. in Heath, TX
Name: Jasper
Sex: Male

Short haired blue russian mix about 3 years old and weigh 8lb. He is neutered and microchipped.
Blue collar with a bell on.

Owner Information:

Brandon Johnson
(214) 450-0022
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Date last seen: 05/23/2018 Location last seen: Morrison Drive (between Bay Shore Drive and Shorehaven DriName: TitanSex: MaleDescription: He has a silvery white coat mixed with dark gray roots with a little Tan on his ears and front paws. He is about 11 to 12 pounds. He is wearing a camouflage tag (Titan). Owner Information:…


Date last seen: 05/22/2018

Location last seen: Coolwood Ln., Rockwall, Hickory Ridge East near Springer Elementary
Name: Sammy
Sex: Male

Sammy is a black and gray striped cat about 5 years old. No collar and not chipped. He’s an indoor cat and snuck ut yesterday evening some time.

Owner Information:

Le Duncan
(214) 641-4164
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