Domestic Longhair

Date last seen: 02/15/2017 Location last seen: 111 Mustang Drive, Fate Name: Nala Sex: Female Description: 12 year old, domestic long hair, tuxedo (black with white markings) thinning hair on legs and stomach, not as fluffy as usual. No collar, no chip. Approx 10-15 lbs. White feet and chest. Owner Information: Tonya Megyesi (469) 261-6294…

Lab/ Pit Bull Terrier

Date last seen: 02/15/2017 Location last seen: Home… Sun Valley Dr., Off of Blackland RoadName: TuckSex: MaleDescription: Tuck is black, he has a white chest. You may see him running around with a blue collar, the collar has two tags, a yellow “home again,” and a red heart.,he has skinny legs, he is about two…

German Shepherd

Date last seen: 02/10/2017 Location last seen: Dalrock & 66 near hospitalName: WinterSex: FemaleDescription: Adult German Shepherd with a black fur on the back, tan/blonde fur coat on chest, legs and belly. Very shy and scared of loud noises or sudden movements but gentle and sweet. She was wearing a purple collar with tags. Owner…


Date last seen: 02/13/2017

Location last seen: 2287 Lafayette Landing
Name: Rudy & Tux
Sex: Male

Male is black and white, approx 70lbs, 2 1/2 years old, neutered

female is tan and white, 50lbs, spayed and microchipped

Owner Information:

Cortney Strickler
(972) 926-3793
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Grey tabby cat

  Date last seen: 02/04/2017 Location last seen: In the house, he must have gotten out the back door Name: Leo Sex: Male Description: Leo is a year old he has very distinct grey stripes. He does not come when you call his name. Leo is not scared of anything. Leo likes to be close…

Black Flatcoat Retriever

Date last seen: 02/01/2017 Location last seen: Cullins Rd at 549 Name: Curley Sex: Female Description: Black long hair female. She is pregnant and was just rescued from a hoarding situation. She may have a green slip lead on her. No collar. She has a white patch of fur on her hind leg. Owner Information:…

Great White Pyrenees

Date last seen: 01/31/2017 Location last seen: Wyndemere neighborhood Name: Sasha Sex: Female Description: Sasha is a great white pyrenees about 90 pounds. She has a pink collar with a bow. She was just groomed so her hair is a bit shorter than usual. Likes dog cookies. Owner Information: Cheryl McKay (972) 795-1944 Click for…