Persian Cat

Date last seen: 11/25/2017

Location last seen: 514 Cellars Ct. Rockwall, TX 75087
Sex: Female

Black (espresso colored) full grown female Persian cat. Long hair. Yellow eyes. Smushy face. Pink collar w/ name in rhinestones ‘BELLA.’

Owner Information:

Dale Clark
(214) 578-1832
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Mastiff/Boxer Mix

Date last seen: 11/22/2017 Location last seen: Terrell – FM 2728/FM 429 north of I20Name: KodiakSex: MaleDescription: Mastiff/Boxer mix – brindle – about 100 lbs now – microchipped just registered today #985112003453577, but we adopted him from your shelter in Jun 16. He, along with 2 other mutts/strays that we’ve just taken in, all got…

Unknown breed

Date last seen: 11/23/2017 Location last seen: Tubbs and Market Center Dr Rockwall our homeName: TitoSex: MaleDescription: Black and white, short haired, male, black collar with rabies tag (no name tag), has claws, is neutered, very affectionate,will come to his name. He is a pretty big 2 year old Tom-size… Owner Information: Diana Settimi(469) 438-3346Click…

Pit Bull Terrier

Date last seen: 11/18/2017 Location last seen: CR 2316 in QuinlanName: AthenaSex: FemaleDescription: Athena is approx. 8 months old, unaltered, and weighs approx. 35-40 Lbs. She is a blue pit bull terrier mix and has white on her chest as well as all four paws and was last seen wearing a camo collar in traditional…

Boer goat

Date last seen: 11/23/2017

Location last seen: Home on 549 across from klutts farm
Name: Pickle
Sex: Male

Pickle is a 4 month old whether, Boer goat. He has a brown/red head, a mostly white body and tiny beginnings of horns. He’s very sweet.

Owner Information:

Erin McCann
(469) 879-5942
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Cat-Gray and White Tabby coloring

Date last seen: 11/19/2017 Location last seen: North Shore NeighborhoodName: AndySex: MaleDescription: Andy is gray and white. Gray along his back and white underneath, similar to tabby coloring. He’s a pretty big cat, about 14 pounds. No collar. Green eyes. He’s 10 years old – always been an indoor cat. Has claws on all paws.…

Domestic Short hair and Domestic long hair

Date last seen: 11/17/2017 Location last seen: Yacht Club Dr. in Rockwall(Chandlers Landing)Name: Peter and WillSex: MaleDescription: Domestic Short Hair(Peter) Orange Tabby, 5-6 months old, not altered or microchipped. Domestic Long Hair(Will) Blk Tabby, 7-8 months old, not altered or microchipped. Both are friendly with everyone and have never met a stranger. Owner Information: Brooke…