Australian Shepherd mix

Date last seen: 01/02/2018 Location last seen: Waller Dr in Wood Creek in FateName: Maggie and RedSex: MaleDescription: Maggie is a 7 years old, spayed female, Aussie mix, and weighs approx. 50 Lbs. Maggie is red Merle in color and was last seen wearing a black collar with a belt style clasp. Red is a…

Mini Dachshund

Date last seen: 01/03/2018

Location last seen: South Alamo Rd. in Rockwall
Name: Hank
Sex: Male

gray dapple(gray,back,white) coloring. short haired. neutered male. merle eye color. no microchip or collar. 4 years old. 10-15lbs.

Owner Information:

Jason Deen
(512) 965-3059
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Domestic Medium Hair Cat

Date last seen: 12/30/2017 Location last seen: 1035 Signal Ridge Name: Claire Sex: Female Description: Claire is about 6 years old. Brown black mixed like colors with medium to long coat and fluffy tail. Wearing a collar with her name on it and another phone number where we can be reached. Owner Information: Charlotte Adams…

Shih Tzu / Yorkie Mix

Date last seen: 12/26/2017 Location last seen: N. Alamo and Heath St in Rockwall Name: Charlie Sex: Male Description: Charlie is a neutered male, senior, approx. 14 years old, and has a sizable tumor growth in his groin area. Charlie is mostly white is color but does have some dirty blonde streaks. “He looks like…

Beagle/pointer mix

Date last seen: 12/21/2017 Location last seen: Sunset Hill in Rockwall Name: Ginger Sex: Female Description: Ginger is approx. 6 months old, Female, medium size, and white with red spots. Ginger is not microchipped and was last seen wearing a stripped, multi colored collar with out tags. Photos are not current. They were taken approx…