Chihuahua mix

Date last seen: 08/19/2017

Location last seen: Gleamer In Rockwall
Name: Sparky
Sex: Male

unaltered Male chihuahua mix, Tan and white, weighs approx. 6 Lbs. Last seen in my backyard. He was not wearing a collar. He will bark if you try to approach him.

Owner Information:

Sergio Mejia
(469) 999-6010
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Black Lab mix

Date last seen: 08/17/2017 Location last seen: HWY 1778 Nevada Tx Around 4:15 PM Name: Holly Sex: Female Description: Holly is approx. 6 years old and weighs approx 60 Lbs. She is all Black with white on her chest. She was last seen wearing a purple collar with her Rabies tag and purple bone shaped…