Pit bull/mix

Date found: 09/23/2017 Location found: Lakeview SummitSex: MaleDescription: White with 1/2 of face and ears a reddish brown. Altered. Nails recently trimmed. Many scratches/minor wounds on face, chest , and front legs. Very sweet. Looks mostly Pit-but a bit larger than most ( taller ) and tail long with a curl in it. Approx. 50-60…


Date found: 09/05/2017

Location found: Riding club drive
Sex: Female

White with grey and beige patches, has been clipped closely.
Has collar on but no tags, collar is blue with pink ribbon.

For identification purpose, there is something written inside the collar, owner would need to provide this info.

Found By:

Lisa Jeffries
(469) 559-5734
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