Chihuahua/ terrier

Date last seen: 05/08/2019 Location last seen: I30 East near mm79Name: MollySex: FemaleDescription: Small 15 to 20 lbs. Black with white under her chin and small white around her neck on on side also white on her chest. From behind she has a lot of hair on legs looking like chaps. Scar on belly from…

Cocker beagle mix

Date last seen: 05/28/2019

Location last seen: Bent trail estates/548
Name: Lola
Sex: Female

Lola is about 3 years old. She is a golden tan with a furless black belly and golden brown eyes. She has a pink with flowers harness on. She went missing between 1pm – 4pm yesterday.

Owner Information:

Krystle Richard
(972) 800-2309
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German Shepard mix

Date found: 05/28/2019

Location found: Lakeshore Drive
Sex: Male

My neighbor found this dog today. She went to multiple houses where he was found and no one has claimed him. His info tag is damaged. She thinks it’s a male because of its potty habits but is not 100%.

Found By:

Tonya Anderson
(972) 978-1555
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